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1.1 The delivery of orderswithin European territory is concluded within 10 business days, starting from the day the customer receives the e-mail informing him that the order has been prepared and is ready to be shipped.

1.2 In all cases, the delivery time is affected by the delivery address the customer has indicated during the order procedure - in exceptional cases, the delivery of the products may last for a longer period of time (our company is not and cannot be held liable for any delays in the delivery of the products).Likewise, we are not liable for any force majeure.

1.3 Our company uses courier services for the delivery of the products. The customer is not entitled to choose a different way of delivery or a courier service, other than the one used by the company.

1.4 The courier services we use have systems to help track the shipment. For each shipment, a tracking number is provided. The customer may use the tracking number to track the shipment of their order either via an API embedded on our web site or via the web site of the courier service itself.


At the moment we are able to deliver to specific countries. If your country is not in the list below, you will not be able to register your shipping address and this happens because of specific Customs Regulations that won’t allow us to send you products at the promising delivery time and price OR because of the highly-priced shipping cost.

List of countries we serve (in alphabetical order):

Country Int.Code Shipping Cost
Austria AUT 14.99
Belgium BEL 14.99
Bulgaria BGR 34.99
Czech Republic CZE 14.99
Germany DEU 14.99
Espania ESP 19.99
France FRA 14.99
United Kingdom GBR 14.99
Hungary HUN 19.99
Ireland IRL 19.99
Italy ITA 14.99
Luxemburg LUX 14.99
Netherlands NLD 14.99
Poland POL 19.99
Portugal PRT 19.99
Romania ROU 14.99
Slovakia SVK 19.99
Slovenia  SVN 19.99
Denmark DNK 14.99 
Estonia EST  19.99 
Latvia LVA  19.99 
Lithuania LTU  19.99 
Malta MLT  19.99 
Sweden SWE  19.99 
Finland  FIN  19.99 
Switzerland  CHE  19.99 
 U.S.A. USA  34.99 
Japan JPN 34.99 
India  IND  34.99 
Indonesia  IDN  49.99 
Iraq  IRQ  34.99 
Cambodia  KHM  34.99 
Qatar  QAT  34.99 
Taiwan  TWN  34.99 
China  CHN  34.99 
Korea  KOR  34.99 
Macao  MAC  34.99 
Malaysia  MYS  34.99 
Maldives  MDV  34.99 
Bahrain  BHR  34.99 
Brunei  BRN  34.99 
Oman  OMN  34.99 
Saudi Arabia  SAU  34.99 
Singapore  SGP  34.99 
Sri Lanka  LKA  34.99 
Thailand  THA  34.99 
Yemen  YEM  34.99 
Philippines  PHL  34.99 
Hong Kong  HKG  34.99 
Rest of The World  49.99 
Greece* GRE  4,00€
Cyprus** CYP 5,00€

*The shipping cost for orders less than 69.99€ is 4,00€ and for orders of total value more than 70,00€ no shipping fees apply.

**The shipping cost for orders less than 69.99€ is 5,00€ and for orders of total value more than 70,00€ no shipping fees apply.